Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dream: Date with a vampire

A vampire had threatened to get me, only I didn't know how. Soon I recognized him near me in different guises, first as a child, then as an elderly woman who changed into a beautiful young woman. I wasn't afraid to use my strength even against such incongruous characters, but each succeeded in biting me, usually in the arm, but not enough to break the skin. I felt strong but also like he might be toying with me.

I'd gotten into an elevator with a cousin who was sitting in a folding chair. The elevator started to go down with him, but my feet weren't touching the floor. I panicked, although at times my feet did touch. The elevator stopped between floors, with the chair now folded up against the door and me suspended, yet not suspended. It was nighttime, and I began to fear that we would never be found.

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