Monday, January 16, 2012

Dream: The basketball tournament

As part of a basketball tournament my younger niece was participating in, I found a display at my Aunt D's house. Most of the coaches had provided their players' photos and statistics on boards, but my brother had sent a large box of disintegrating old books and a small box of photos that had been ruined when someone colored out whole areas with a crayon.

Some of the photos were of a beach vacation at a place where the summer light lasted all night, and I kept thinking of Niagara Falls. The photos made me long to be at that half-lit, surreal beach again, which I thought I remembered but didn't.

When I looked again in one hallway, all the displays were gone. The next hallway was also empty. I was going to call my parents to pick me up, but had put my mobile phone aside.

Toward the back of the otherwise empty house, I found some women waiting for an elevator. One of them told me my aunt's house was huge, even after she'd closed off much of it. This part was used for this elevator, which transported these women undergrounds so they could get to their organization in the farmhouse across the field. All of this intrigued me, but I wished I had my phone so I could leave.

Somehow I found myself carrying a bucket of ice for this organization across the field. Instead of delivering it, however, I dumped it out into one of the field's rows, where it mixed instantly with the dirt to become mud.

I continued to dream about the land where the sun never sets and my aunt's limitless house.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dream: Date with a vampire

A vampire had threatened to get me, only I didn't know how. Soon I recognized him near me in different guises, first as a child, then as an elderly woman who changed into a beautiful young woman. I wasn't afraid to use my strength even against such incongruous characters, but each succeeded in biting me, usually in the arm, but not enough to break the skin. I felt strong but also like he might be toying with me.

I'd gotten into an elevator with a cousin who was sitting in a folding chair. The elevator started to go down with him, but my feet weren't touching the floor. I panicked, although at times my feet did touch. The elevator stopped between floors, with the chair now folded up against the door and me suspended, yet not suspended. It was nighttime, and I began to fear that we would never be found.