Monday, February 1, 2010

Dream: Ducks in a row

Several men were playing an enormously long piano keyboard. Facing them was a row of ducks trained to respond to their movements and cues. The ducks moved in patterns with the music toward the keyboard, an amazing sight to behold.

I was standing next to a car door and holding a golf club, the head of which people were supposed to hit (with a ball?). This would prevent something catastrophic from happening. The onus was on me, although I just stood there.

A tower with a round top like a revolving restaurant or UFO loomed overhead. The city seemed safe, but I feared that whatever held the tower together, perhaps a ring, would come loose and would cause all to come crashing down around us.

I ran into an old friend from my first job, and we talked about her babies, with a misunderstanding on my part because she meant only the youngest, while I referred to all of them. To my dismay, I learned that the boy, the second youngest, was more than 40 years old, when I still thought of him as a 7-year-old. Future shock.

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