Friday, August 21, 2009

O'BON eco-friendly pencils, paper, and stuff

Here's one more post in pencils and things mode—if you're not aware of O'BON, purveyors of colorful graphite and colored pencils made from newspaper, as well as other writing-related items, check them out. Here are the O'BON Wildlife and O'BONanza pencil series with an O'BONanza kiwi notebook made with bagasse (sugar-cane paper). The 2B pencils write well and are beautiful to hold and look at, plus they're very easy to sharpen. The bagasse notebooks are smooth and lightweight, and may even serve as a conversation starter when you write at your favorite café or teahouse.


  1. Oh, they are gorgeous! Thank you for introducing us to O’BON school supplies!


  2. Sharpening them is definitely fun, because essentially you're peeling off layers of paper. The only downside—no incense cedar scent!