Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dream: My dinner with Dracula

I was called indoors to a family dinner, which I could not miss. I found myself looking up dozens or hundreds of feet at a doorway to a castle. There was no way I could get in that way, but I had to hurry.

I looked for someone to help me. In a dungeon I found what I believed to be the man in charge, who would assist me only if I paid him. I couldn’t. He was poorly dressed for an authority figure, and I mistrusted him and his demands for money.

Next I came across a better-dressed man who really was the manager. He agreed to help me into the upper part of the castle, but then he disappeared.

As I wandered the dungeon, I discovered an enormous bed, much larger than a king-sized bed, that was old fashioned in design and coverings. It flashed upon me that it covered a tomb where a vampire slept—the vampire who was at dinner waiting for me.

I looked up to see that the high doorway had appeared in the midst of nowhere, with the vampire standing in it, beckoning to me. I was terrified but felt compelled to follow even though I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. The vampire and the doorway nowhere mystified, horrified, and paralyzed me.

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