Saturday, May 2, 2009

Snippets from life

Capitalists in the making
College female 1: . . . a concept for class. That's how Jamba Juice was created.
College female 2: Oh, wow.

When reviewers need editors
From a book review: This is a book that every single parent needs to read.

[That's single as in every parent, not as in every unmarried parent.]

Something old, something new
Chicago History Museum headline: DUDE, WE WERE ON FIRE!

Poetry in transit
Metra sign: My love for you is like a shiny heart-shaped metaphor about the sea.

Phone sex?
Women speaking into her mobile phone: Take it off vibrate. I don't pay for that.

Capitalism redux
Electronic sign at Walgreens: We have swine flu masks! We have Hallmark cards for Mom!

College doesn't equal smart
RedEye quotation: Some students purge or starve so they can binge drink.

For when video games just can't keep them entertained
Offered by the Illinois Tollway at oases: The popular Captain Tollway coloring book

Whatever happened to "Billy" and "Susie"?
Dad calling his children back: Willow! Montana!

When your marriage is as comfy as an old shoe
Elderly couple at the bus stop discussing the man's choice of gym shoes:
Woman: Is there any reason you made that weird decision?
Man: If it aggravates you, that's reason enough.

Taking the high road to higher education with no pit stops
Window sign at Roosevelt University:
Dedicated to the enlightenment of the human spirit

Capitalist dreams, part III
College student on mobile phone in elevator: If I major in econ. and work on Wall Street, I could be your sugar mama!


  1. I greatly enjoyed reading these, esp. the Walgreens signs.

  2. "Man: If it aggravates you, that's reason enough."