Monday, May 4, 2009

Dream: Twice trapped

In the wee hours of Saturday, I had a marvelous dream that I was sure I would remember when I woke up. I didn't. I think it involved water.

I remember a second dream. I had to return to a party because I'd forgotten something, but the only way to it was by a stairway arched like a rainbow. It looked impossible to ascend, but when I touched a step, it flipped, and the contraption started to move like an escalator, with the steps on the other side flipping down.

At the top I tried to stop at the doorway, but the escalator kept moving. The door was locked, anyway, and I wondered even as I passed helplessly by it if they would open it for me out of kindness or only if I were demanding.

In the back of my mind I may have thought that the weird escalator was a circle, not an arch, in which case it would drag me underground, perhaps crushing me.

In Sunday's version, I thought some friends were getting onto an elevator with me, but when the door closed behind me I was alone. I went to push a button, but there were none. There was no door, either, and no way to get out. The only break in the solid walls of the cubic chamber was the lighted digital floor number.

I marveled at how this had happened. I wondered if I should panic.

[from 2 and 3 May 2009]

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