Sunday, January 11, 2009

The saga of Sunday

1. Get dressed.
2. Get stuff together for bakery/grocery trip/letter writing.
3. Walk around building because back door locked.
4. Trudge through unshoveled ice/snow in front of stores.
5. At the 1/4-mile mark, contemplate how much you're going to buy and how you may need to take a bus back.
6. Wonder if you brought CTA pass.
7. Realize you didn't bring CTA pass.
8. Remember that CTA pass is in purse. So is wallet with money and credit/debit card.
9. Purse is in hallway at home.
10. Trudge 1/4 mile back through ice and snow. Note that feet are pleasantly wet and frozen.
11. Retrieve purse with purchasing power.
12. Walk 1/4 mile you've just walked to and from, finish the other 1/4 mile, and actually get to destination.

Time wasted? Priceless.

In the mood for chores now? Noooooo.


  1. They don't plow the alleys in Chicago and yesterday's foot of snow is sure to freeze hard in the coming deep freeze, so I had that to do and I looked forward to it. Let's see, I had cleaning to do, class-planning, a report to write, and a lot of other non-fun things. So, at 4, I went out and shoveled the alley. I feel like I did a full day's work and I can sit a bit. Didn't add one fact to the world's sum of knowledge, but I shoved around a bunch of snow, very rewarding for a Sunday afternoon.

  2. I just have to laugh at my own distractedness. I'm not sure what I have to add to the world's sum of knowledge, though!

  3. You just described how I attempt to get out the door every morning. I imagine myself walking 1/4 mile around the house fetching the wallet I left in the other pair of pants, the keys that are in the other jacket, the snack bars I left in the office, the lunch in the refrigerator, the gloves in the closet. Of course, that all happens after I've put on my shoes.