Monday, January 26, 2009

Dream: Woman, thy name is anxiety

As my life becomes less fulfilling, my dreams seem to be losing their rich mixture of visuals and symbols.

I wasn't looking forward to today. I did not dream of demons or vampires, trains or tunnels, or even of the "cold Sargasso Sea." I dreamed that, at lunch time, I looked into my wallet and found everything but money, my debit and credit cards, and my state ID. I was a person with neither resources nor identity.

I think that must be how I feel.

I found it mysterious and amazing that these items, and only them, had disappeared, and that my wallet was intact. How could that have happened? It puzzled and disturbed me, as did the fact I did not know who to turn to for lunch funds.

Later I dreamed that at work my hearing had worsened and that I could not understand anyone. I didn't want to admit it, but it frightened me.

I am all anxiety.

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