Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bush the Third

Not to my surprise, Former President George H. W. Bush apparently doesn’t agree with my ideas about the family business. The New York Times The Caucus blog reports:

You may think you’ve seen the last of the Bushes in the White House, but the Bush family seems to have other ideas.

Former President George H. W. Bush said today that he would like to see another Bush in the Oval Office.

Speaking on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Mr. Bush said he thought his son Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, should run for the Senate when Mel Martinz vacates the seat in Florida in 2010 — if he wants to.

He then added, “I’d like to see him run for president some day.”

Mr. Wallace seemed a bit surprised. The elder Bush had just been saying that he thought the attacks on his son George W. Bush, the current president, were unfair. (Well, he said he thought most of them were unfair; some were fair, he said, but he declined to say which ones.)

But after all that the current president has been through, Mr. Wallace asked, why would the father want to expose another son to such attacks?

“It’s about service,” Mr. Bush said.

The former president added: “Right now is probably a bad time because maybe we’ve had enough Bushes in there.”
Next up: Jenna Bush.

It's about service, after all.

Hint: It's okay if others wish to serve, too.


  1. So he'd "like to see him run" even though he admits "maybe we’ve had enough Bushes in there"? In other words, I want what I want whether it's what the country needs or not.

    Huh. Well, that's nothing new from that family.

  2. It's about "service." Note he doesn't say service to whom. ;)