Friday, December 19, 2008

Dream: Hodge and the caravan

I saw an open door and knew that Hodge had escaped. I was in a caravan, I realized, but I didn't know what this meant. As it turned out, it was parked in a market, and he was hanging from a blue velvet curtain by front claws he doesn't have. I wondered where my parents were.

As I retrieved the cat, I noticed he had started to chew up a toy or stuffed animal; it looked like he had bitten the ear partly off a rhinoceros. My ethical side started to look for a cashier or proprietor. I saw that Hodge was wearing a frilly felt mask, like the face of a stegosaurus. I wondered where it had come from and if it were sewn on.

Everything around me seemed a little creepy, including the market, the caravan, and the mask.

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