Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dream: Surreal snippets

I was watching a couple swim in a dimly lit indoor pool. I noticed that the pool merged into a verdant forest. I wondered why all pools can't be like that.

I was sitting on the porch at home, which overlooked a beautiful rural area from an elevation. I was watching the spectacular sunset, and all seemed to be perfect in the world.

Until I noticed the cigarette butts.

They had been smoked down to only a half inch and tossed where I was sitting, so there was little room for me. I appealed to my mother to provide an ashtray for the smoker, but she was unwilling to cooperate. I noticed a ceramic clamshell dish and pointed out that the smoker could use it, but again she brushed me aside without explanation.

I saw a wooden piece drilled with holes from which blue flames were flickering. If the smoker could light up using this, why couldn't he or she use the ceramic clamshell?

I wondered if the sunset and the scenery that had given me such joy were going to elude me. I felt frustrated and very sad.

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