Saturday, August 30, 2008

Magnetic personality

I attribute the inanity of this post to the blood loss (at least six drops) suffered when a chef's knife fell out of the drainer and poked a hole in the bottom of my left little toe. Accident prone or death wish? You decide.

After this incident, probably when I was putting the milk back (to ease the last of the naproxen down), I decided to take an inventory of my refrigerator magnet collection in use. I impress myself with how many I can squeeze on.


  • Kitchen timer
  • Dry-erase board
  • Dry-erase squares
  • Dry-erase circles
  • Powerful bar magnet, possibly from my dad


  • "A room without books is like a body without a soul" (Cicero)
  • Chicago Farmers Market 2006
  • Chicago Veterinary Emergency Services (one horizontal, one vertical)
  • Lincoln Park Zoo Icebreaker featuring a polar bear (for an ice-sculpting competition)
  • Northeast Illinois area code map
  • University of Chicago Alumni Weekend 2008


  • Art Institute Manet exhibit painting
  • Blue octopus with blue glass eye from the John G. Shedd Aquarium
  • Ravinia 2006 and "Find your inner lawn"
  • San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge
  • Shoreline Cruise photo of J. and me
  • USPS "Love" and "Neuter/Spay" stamps

Purely decorative

  • Cartoon birds (two) and insects (two) that were my aunt's
  • Click magnets of four planets and aquatic wildlife (two frogs, two turtles); I also have butterflies that I haven't put up yet and some from Moonstruck CafĂ© that I haven't been able to find after putting them in a safe place
  • Erotic magnetic poetry
  • Floral magnets that came with the dry-erase board
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation cast photo
  • Ziggy, the once-popular cartoon character, which is probably the oldest magnet on the door, perhaps dating back to college

I have other magnets on top of the refrigerator, including fragile ones from Bristol Renaissance Faire and two powerful circular magnets from my dad. A PuppetBike magnet is on my coffee table, safe (I hope) from Hodge.

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