Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dream: Mysterious underwater realm

I was in a locker room looking for a bathroom. I found a hole in the floor that seemed to be designed for the purpose and usable. Something, perhaps a thought or a fear, made me leave before I took advantage of it.

When I returned, the area of the locker room around the lavatory hole was under water. This didn't matter to me because I seemed to be able to pass through it as though it were air. Lush aquatic plants flowed past me, along with colorful fish. The beauty of it was haunting, yet disturbing, and I hesitated, uncertain.

"We are in danger," a voice said. It meant that I was in danger. I knew that it was correct, but I did not know from what.

As my senses adjusted to this otherworldly environment, I could "feel" the presence of malevolent beings or spirits in the form of bizarre, toothy sea creatures. They could not be seen, but would flash in and out of my perception, trying to lure me to my doom through the beauty of this mysterious underwater realm. The voice was trying to save me. I was more fascinated than frightened.

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