Friday, July 11, 2008

Dream: Full metal jaw

I had a robot whose most prominent feature was its metal teeth. It chased me out of the house into the midnight air, and I became afraid of it. It also got away from me on the street and looked as though it were biting a man's rear end. It attacked so voraciously that I thought it must have chewed up his buttocks and left a bloody mess. Then it turned sideways and deliberately spit out, not blood and gore, but plain saliva. Was I ever to trust it?

I felt the building move, which frightened me because the cause was greater than just strong winds. Outside the window I saw trees and knew that it had been uprooted and that I was about to crash with it and be killed. I waited for the impact of the landing and to be dead—but it didn't come. Everything flew crazily through the air.

I was at the community in Reno, where the roof seemed to be all skylight. The surrounding buildings crowding in on ours were urban and futuristic. A jet passed low overhead, so low that it was enormous. Just as I had waited for the building to plummet to the ground earlier, I waited in terror for the impact that never came.

I was with some couples traveling, and we came upon a notice that Michael Jackson concert tickets were available to the first people who claimed them for $3. I called a friend to tell him. The price seemed unbelievable, of course, but so was his willingness to perform, given his legal troubles and all the talk about his appearance. In the photo, however, he looked normal; everything was back to the way it had been, but he seemed older. We did not think we wanted to go to Indiana for the performance.

[I am not sure where that came from; I've never been interested in Michael Jackson.]

One of the couples seemed to be having some marital difficulties. The woman kept dropping things and expecting her husband to pick them up to an extent that seemed deliberate and unnatural. While we were sitting in the balcony, perhaps at a theater., she dropped a piece of paper—a program?—to the floor below and told her husband to retrieve it. This request seemed unbelievable to him and to us. It wasn't clear how he could descend to the floor.

We drove around at night in a preternatural darkness.

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