Saturday, July 19, 2008

Christmas in July

Monday, July 7, 2008, was like Christmas in July at the house of Slywy. I came home to four packages. I'd ordered all of them, but it's always fun to get mail—even if it weighs more than 30 pounds.
The biggest and heaviest box was not for me, but for Hodge—24 cans each of chicken and turkey cat food. He can take comfort in knowing that he'll be fed for another 48 days, at least.
A second heavy box contained a case of Bob's Red Mill Kamut hot cereal and an electronic pedometer. I had given up the hope that Treasure Island might carry Kamut, which is more flavorful than your ordinary whole grain cereals. The pedometer, which counts steps, distance, and kilo calories whether you clip it to your waistband or carry it, is part of my effort to walk more and to track how much walking I do.
A smaller box from Amazon held another health-related item, Insulow, which purports to help shuttle carbohydrates into your muscle cells instead of your fat cells by increasing insulin sensitivity and the uptake of glucose. I haven't tried it, yet, however. I'm almost afraid to.
Finally, the first book I'd ordered last month during a buying spree on ABE was the last to arrive, on the last day of its expected delivery range—A Celtic Childhood by Bill Watkins.

Eat, walk, read. Life.

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