Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"I'll cry if I want to"

Mr. Wolf is correct—it's my birthday, a date I hide from my day-to-day acquaintances and highlight on my Web site. Thank you to those who sent greetings.

I am celebrating by experiencing one of the pains of middle age—perhaps a rite of passage of sorts. For a while my lower back has been expressing unhappiness, and my abdominal region has been feeling tense and full of pressure. Both seem to have become worse recently, while my need for handy facilities has grown. It all makes being a pedestrian tourist somewhat difficult and painful, and my body seems to be telling my stubborn brain the same thing my friends have: "Get the UFE done already!" I hope my discomfort isn't merely psychological because my awareness of increased within a couple of weeks of my conversation with the gynecologist. I would like to think I'm not that susceptible to a little suggestion.

In my planned rambles today, I found Hollander's and spent too much there, then bought J. a T-shirt at Peaceable Kingdom. The "Dog Person" version was unavailable in his size, but "Cat Person" was. Heh heh heh. "Message, Spock?"

I finally came to Sweetwaters Café on Washington and thought I should have gone into the one in Kerrytown. For some indescribable reason, which could be familiarity, I think I prefer Café Verde. It could be because it feels less polished and more subversive than Sweetwaters, and it's a little more tucked away.

Bob and Pat mentioned their second bed and breakfast, Ann Arbor Too, which also looks wonderful. Bob said that a bus stops there, frequently during the university's year, so it wouldn't be impossible for me to stay there without a car. It sounds delightful—an 1842 farmhouse adjacent to Miller Nature Area. Perfect for me.

I'd better start saving for my next birthday. Fortunately, it comes only once a year.

Aside: As I was leaving, I found the fairy door at Sweetwaters, then backtracked and saw Peaceable Kingdom's.

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