Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dream: Planes and trains

These are bits from several dreams.

I found out that our community in Maryland has a plane and had a vision, similar to one I've had before, of flying in sunshine over acres of green. I saw one of the flight attendants interviewed. She seemed to love the job, and I envied her. A voice reminded me that the plane was flown only a couple of times a week and that the attendants were hourly employees. Suddenly the significance of this sank in, and I could see vividly that no work meant no money and no control. Still I could not get the feeling of soaring, somehow silently, over the green woods and fields and hills out of my head.

I was holding an improbable-looking lion cub, all head and mane (?) and very little body. Although its teeth were sharp and its jaws strong, its bites didn't do much harm. I was training it not to bite at all so that it wouldn't as an adult. It had a preternatural intelligence and understanding, and continued to nip.

I saw a small white alligator below. Two large, broad, red-and-black lizards approached it, and I thought that it might attack them.

The next thing I knew the alligator was dead, with its right rear leg cleanly cut off. Then I realized it was dead because its head had been cut off, too. I missed what had happened, but I said to the lion cub, "This must be the first time that anyone has seen lizards engage in tool use!" I realized immediately how insane that sounded.

Meanwhile, the alligator lay there, bloodless, the cross section of its stumps looking white and solid like a mutilated monster in a movie I'd once seen.

I was waiting for a train to arrive from the UK. Five or six tracks ended in the grass, with no stops. I knew that I was responsible for keeping the waiting people from standing near the tracks. I saw a friend sitting on a concrete bench next to the tracks, which now appeared to be in a station. I didn't want to tell her to move.

We didn't know which track the train would arrive on, but when the next train came in the old-fashioned steam engine separated and flew off a dock into water.

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