Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dream: Lawn bowling for monster-gods

I was with a man and a child and being threatened by a monster-god who was electrical in nature. He seemed to suspect our presence, but for some reason I didn't understand he couldn't see us.

We knew we were in terrible danger and that the only way to avoid the monster-god's notice was to roll a ball between us so that it would not lose contact with the ground while rolling but would hit one or the other of us (not the child) at the end of each roll. At the same time, any kind of movement might attract his attention. All of this frightened me because the condition not to be seen—rolling the ball—included the condition to be seen—movement. It was a dilemma.

I faced the monster-god, which made the situation more horrible for me because I could see his reactions, if any. I would have to communicate them to the man somehow.

The man raised his arms, at which the monster-god raised his. I trembled in fear. The ball never rolled; it bounced, and the monster-god seemed to follow its erratic up-and-down movement. It never went straight; it veered off in different directions, which the monster-god seemed to notice. The more I saw of this, the more I was convinced that I was being toyed with and that I was doomed.

I feared the man and child, too.

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