Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dream: Headed nowhere, with threats and warnings

It seems that I had rented a car, and co-worker, someone I knew in the dream but not in life, got in and offered to drive. I had mixed feelings about this.

Another man appeared, although not literally. That is, I sensed his presence and could hear him but could not see him. He had figured out my secret and was teasing me, threatening to make it visible on the screen of a notebook computer. I could see the lid moving back incrementally the more he got into it. He was tormenting me, but he was intrigued as well. I was bemused, annoyed, and only mildly interested in him.

The driver turned a corner on what I thought was the University of Chicago campus, although nothing was familiar, and there was little to see. His turn was far too wide, and the car leaped half onto nowhere's sidewalk. This appeared to be a problem because we were approaching the end of the sidewalk and the beginning of a raised edge. A policeman gave the driver a ticket, I thought, but it proved to be only a warning. I wondered how a ticket would work since the rental car was in my name.

We turned down a country road with many strange obstacles. I worried about the driver, the warning, and the invisible man and his continued threat to expose me.

Never did I wonder where we were going or why.

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