Friday, February 8, 2008

Dream: The eerie banquet hall

Note to self: Stop dreaming about banquet halls. They're boring.

I was in a large banquet hall, but it was neither full nor noisy. My chair was at the front, on the floor, facing the audience, so I did not think I was quite an honored guest. I didn't know who I was, why I was there, or what my role was to be.

I left to look for the bathroom, which had colored terrycloth towels. When I came out, a white towel was draped over my arm, like a waiter's napkin. Somehow, this was supposed to be part of some comedic business, almost as though my playing a waiter would be funny in itself, given who I was. Although the room wasn't empty, I don't think I saw or heard anyone. The sensation was eerie.

There was more, but I may have blocked it.

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