Thursday, January 17, 2008

Woe is me, or is 2008 over yet?

So far, January does not bode well for the rest of year.

- I, along with millions, have lost a large proportion of money through the vagaries of the markets. Think long term . . . although I wonder if it gets any better long term, considering all the long-term trouble looming out there. I've got to stop being such an optimist.

- While looking up Web sites talking about seasonal affective disorder (SAD) for a little project, I felt more and more depressed. I am tired of being empathic.

- Due to a fluke incident, the anti-reflective coating on my backup pair of glasses started to break down, which makes everything seen through them have a halo (except most politicians). They are not much use any more.

- I bought a defective coffee pot that I can't seem to get returned.

- My two-month-old shoes that, strangely for me, both look okay and are comfortable, are falling apart.

- I accidentally gave myself a nice gash along the side of my left foot. It smarted a bit, but I didn't realize it meant business until I noticed the blood on the floor and my hands a few minutes later.

- I vacuumed up a lanyard, which caused an interesting burning odor. Fortunately, it stopped when I retrieved the lanyard's remnants from the vacuum, which seems to have survived.

- I woke up one morning chewing plastic, which turned out to be the corner of the night guard I'd bitten off. Better than tooth enamel (the reason I got the night guard).

- I floss every day, yet the dental hygienist seemed skeptical and still spent more than 45 minutes digging around and causing bursts of exquisite agony. "Oh, that was a bit of tartar near the root. It came right off, though."

- I've been sick. It's better now, but it's turned into something lingering and depressing.

- Sometimes I think that if I fell asleep and didn't wake up, I could live with that.

Here is to better times ahead. I hope.

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