Friday, January 18, 2008

Dream: Nowhere to go

At a high school reunion event, I was shocked to see TB and TW talking together at a table in the pub. I had been thinking about going to the bathroom and leaving, so I put on my green nightshirt without thinking, stopped nonchalantly at their table, and made some pleasantry about it being good to see them and where were they these days? I spoke in a careless tone as though I didn't want to know, really. To my horror, the second man was no longer TW, but a stranger in red. TB told me that he was living in North Carolina. I tried to think why but didn't ask.

I needed to go to the bathroom desperately, but couldn't fit through the small squared crawl space to it. I didn't remember it being like that; I would not have gone to a place where I could not get into the bathroom.

I crawled through another space to my room, where I found one end of it was shared with a man I knew but whose name I could not recall. I was embarrassed to be seen in my nightshirt, which I noticed I had put on, but brazened it out and went to his end to speak to him. He seemed surprisingly receptive to conversation, which I found disturbing. I retreated to my part of the room, and he soon followed and sat next to me.

[Unrelated personal bit snipped—dream changed direction abruptly.]

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