Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dream: Stripey Pudge

I was in the hallway of a hotel, attending a high school reunion. I wondered if anyone would treat me any differently since I thought I looked better with the new glasses; perhaps they gave me a new persona. The fact I was alone in a hallway didn't bode well for socialization, however.

I spotted a group coming up the stairs toward me and recognized many of them, but I could not remember their names. One or two of the group recognized me and seemed to feel sorry for me as they invited me out for drinks. I accepted, but didn't know where to go to meet them, and then they were gone. Although I had dreaded it, I regretted the lost opportunity.

I found Pudge, who I knew to be Pudge although she was now an orange-white stripey boy like Hodge, and took her to the park where I could be depressed in peace. The first time I called, she came. Then I was distracted by someone and forgot about her. When I remembered her, I panicked because of the traffic around the park. I called, but this time she didn't come. I kept calling, and still she didn't come. I found her pinned by a medium-sized, collie-type dog. With difficulty, I shooed off the dog, which made its owner unhappy.

I found myself in a car with a driver and two people behind me. I did not recognize any of them from school and felt vaguely menaced by them. A man behind noticed my discomfort and said something to reassure me that wasn't reassuring. All the while I was wondering if I would ever see the people I really wanted to, one in particular.

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