Sunday, November 4, 2007

Dream: Encouragement from Wayne C. Booth

I suddenly knew that I was in another class with Wayne C. Booth and that I was a failure in it, as I had been before (in this dream). As I was about to leave for home, which (in this dream) was Yonkers, New York, I found out that I knew nothing and had no credit.

Mr. Booth was kind and told me that if I went into an online folder (or something like that), it would make a difference. I also got it into my head that I needed to get a certain history textbook. But I had to leave by 4 o'clock or I would never get to Yonkers(?). As I wandered hopelessly looking for the right place to buy the right history book, I found myself in what looked like a club, an area of neighborhood stores, and the like. I realized that I would have to leave straightaway if I were to be able to go home to Yonkers, with no luggage, no clothes, no toiletries, perhaps not even a purse with money.

Confused, lost, and panicking on every level, even as I went from store to store, place to place, and finding myself at what could have been a regional airport, Mr. Booth was somehow there, reassuring me over and over again of his confidence in me as mine failed utterly.

I did not want to wake up until I had lived up to it, unlikely as it seemed.

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