Friday, October 19, 2007

Week of October 14, 2007

This will be one of those entries in which I memorialize what is going on in my life, which isn't much.

On Monday, I met with the director of learning and organizational development to discuss my Clifton Strengthsfinder results. My top five strengths are:


I'm not sure what this means in practical terms. I like to think it indicates I'm thoughtful, creative, spiritual, and insightful, with a bad habit of collecting stuff. I could wish my Self-Assurance or Significance were commensurate with my intellect, but since they aren't my inner genius remains confined, trapped.

One of my top ten strengths, Adaptability, indicates that I need challenge and change. It's interesting how lazy I am about finding either or making them happen, as though I am afraid of them—and of being happy.

Because of the leak I found under the kitchen sink, I have a new faucet. It's relatively sleek and ergonomic, and operates more easily and smoothly than the old one. Such small changes bring me small blips of pleasure.

The new plaster in the hallway is already starting to crumble. This week I found a damp spot underneath the toilet tank that appears intermittently. I'm beginning to wonder if the crumbling plaster on the outside wall and the damp spot under the toilet are related, odd as that may sound. I'll have to make a note of it.

The plumbing repairs appear to have been finished early, and now the bedroom closet is awaiting a new paint job. Assuming the mold issue is dealt with (a big assumption), I should be able to return my lifetime's accumulation of clutter to the closet this weekend. I wonder if I will sleep easier, or if my subconscious will always be on the alert for a downpour of water from above.

A friend tells me I may be a nemesis of pipes. He's referring to the X-Files, I gather. Apparently, psychics take out their anger or stress on the plumbing, which comes apart. I doubt this is the case for me, unless I am emotionally suicidal. My subconscious would become a significant source of my stress, as wee-morning phone calls, water pouring behind walls, mold, and sodden and ruined possessions do not make me happy and contented, or relaxed.

Earlier this week, I bought two flattish pillows, not for any particular reason other than that they were on sale and looked comfortable. Because they are flatter than the old pillows, they seem to be better for my neck. Unfortunately, mainly because I seem to have a nagging ear/throat infection, my sleep has been restless and broken, and I have been waking up tired, sore, and head-achy.

There was the morning I dreamed that a friend (unknown, that is, not a real person) and I went to a local computer repair shop somewhere unrecognizable and surreal. The place was owned and managed by . . . John Denver. While he was talking to us about my friend's computer problem and my Internet access speed issues, a large Amish family walked in with their troubled computer. At this point I think I felt like I was having a bad dream and struggled to wake up. It was too unreal even for me.

There's something new to look forward to—glasses. I had my annual eye exam on Thursday. I've managed to dodge (barely) bifocals for one more year, and so illogically and because I like change I am splurging on Silhouette rimless titanium frames. Because there's almost nothing to them, they weigh almost nothing. Alas, they cost enough to make me wonder about my sanity. I hear my dad's voice saying, "More money than brains." Right now, I am in short supply of both. By the time I go back to pick up the new glasses, most likely I'll have decided I need the clip-on sunglasses, too. At this rate, I must win the lottery I never play.

And so it's Friday. The closet, a load or two of laundry, and a good vacuuming await, as well as anxiety over damp spots in the bedroom ceiling and bathroom floor, but so do a couple of pleasant mornings at Bonjour and a few good stories. I may even start to write one myself.

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