Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Maine Woods

I'm in the Maine Woods in Ann Arbor, Michigan. What this means is that I'm at the Ann Arbor Bed and Breakfast, in a treetop suite named the Maine Woods. it's a marvelous room at the top of the house, so the ceiling is an inverted, slightly flattened V, with three skylights in the suite and one in the bathroom. There's also a balcony that is almost at treetop level, which is wonderful for morning letter writing. I feel really spoiled and will hate to leave on Sunday.

The room comes with nearly everything I could want. King-sized bed, chairs, table, desk, refrigerator, microwave, burners, sink, cabinets, coffee maker, dishes, silverware, and even a teakettle. Fans, which help put me to sleep. Wired and wireless cable Internet. Television and DVD player (and a DVD collection in the common area). The door to all this is at the bottom of my own private staircase. With off-site storage, I could live here.

I also love the Maine theme. Rich green carpet. Knotty furniture. A loon-shaped pillow. Moose and bear bed pillows. Moose and bear seat cushions. Moose, fish, canoe, and tree blanket. Canoe paddle leaning nonchalantly against the wall, while wooden buoys hang from it. Bear paper towel holder and moose napkin holder. Sailboat on the television and a lobster boat on the bedside table. Bark picture frame with a photo of a man holding his catch. Bark canoes filled with snacks, treats, and toiletries. Little chairs on the cabinet and a little chair with fish slats on the wall. Moose in moonlight tumblers. I could go on and on, but never convey the charm. I will have to get a camera.

I imagine the other themed rooms are as well done and that all of them were as fun to shop for and decorate.

I want to stay in them all. But I think I would always come back to the Maine Woods.


  1. I grew up in the Maine woods. There wasn't a microwave back then, and it wasn't in MI... ;)

  2. Plus I'm betting it lacks that one most vital part of the real Maine woods: mosquitoes the size of small cars.

  3. Well, the hosts are very accommodating, but thank goodness they didn't think of EVERYTHING. :)