Sunday, August 5, 2007


2:00 p.m. on the Wolverine from Ann Arbor to Chicago

I'm returning to Chicago reluctantly. I didn't want to leave the Maine Woods room at the Ann Arbor Bed and Breakfast, I didn't want to leave my friends (although they are leaving tonight for Norway), and i didn't want to leave Kerrytown. Time, which so often passes slowly, accelerates the more I enjoy myself, and I feel as though I had no time off at all. I am not looking forward to returning to work or to putting the closet in order. I am tired—for some reason, my mind would not let me rest well despite the comfort of my surroundings.

I would like one more day off, to daydream . . . such daydreams they could be.

This sign is posted at a camera/film store in Ann Arbor: "Please end all phone conversations [before? (hidden word)] approaching the counter. Thank you for being polite." [It's unfortunate that this store, and so many others, have to post signs instructing their customers in basic manners.]

On a streetlight: "An LED test light. Please let us know your feelings." A sign of the times. Once, the question would have been: "Please tell us what you think." Now, feelings reign supreme. I was asked a few days ago how I felt about a certain situation. I'm a feeler by nature, not a thinker, but when it comes to LED streetlights and certain situations, I would rather think than feel. I think an LED street light test is a good idea, although I don't have an opinion about the light itself since I didn't see it in action at night. I think the situation is worsening and could be addressed by doing XYZ.

I try to save my feelings for situations where emotions are the issue and for people.

Even then, I may not feel like telling you how I feel.

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