Friday, August 24, 2007

Dream: Yellow alligators and venomous snakes

To my surprise, I found myself in a lifestyle class at work. I took my old Titanium, the only Apple in the room, to the back row—and there he was, That Boy. I tried not to notice him, and, effortlessly, he did not notice me. I was suddenly very happy. I was telling someone that a comprehensive lifestyle program had been my idea years ago, but it had not been the right time so the idea was squelched. Another boy, Ken A., tried to pass me an impossibly hot pan, but although everyone else looked because he was teasing me, That Boy, sitting with him, did not.

The movie presented yellow alligators in an eerie twilight monochromatic setting, encountering and attacking one another. I appeared on screen during a discussion of venomous snakes. I was lying on my stomach as two or three very tiny venomous snakes crawled across my naked backside. As they passed my face, my hair somehow fell forward onto them. Although I was sitting in the classroom, hoping to be noticed or not noticed, I did not know what had happened after that or if the snakes had been startled and bitten me.

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  1. What a dream...reminds me of what I used to do for a living!(ex gator wrestler-zoo curator). Would make a cool story.