Monday, August 13, 2007

Dream: So much anxiety, so little time

I was supposed to see the general counsel about some changes, but when I found her she was in an obvious hurry and ran off waving. I couldn't remember which community the changes were for.

When I got home, my blinds were down, and I thought my dad must have closed them because I couldn't recall doing so.

Dad drove to a friend's house to return something, perhaps a key, but when we got there either I didn't have it or couldn't find it, or the friend wasn't home.

At home, I took the elevator to my apartment, but I might have forgotten to push the right button because I found myself on the roof. There was something surreal about the place and the elevator.

Next, I ended up in a swimming pool on the fourth floor. When I tried to get out of the water, I discovered that I had no clothes on. I couldn't return to my apartment like that, but the person in charge, someone I knew, was both perplexed and sympathetic. We found a sheet and towels for me to use for coverage, but they would keep falling into the water and getting wet. Finally, I put on a T shirt that was too small and which covered very little, and then it was time to panic because I didn't have any apartment keys.

I was at the first day of college and recalled that I had been given a teaching assignment about which I knew nothing. I reassured myself by thinking that it was on Tuesday (the following day) and that it could not possibly be on the first day; my own lack of knowledge confirmed that. I worried that I had no idea what I was teaching, or when and where, and then it dawned on me that I was unprepared.

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