Friday, August 31, 2007

Dream: Relative disquiet

I was at home and decided to go for a long walk. The day was perfect for it, as I was thinking as I headed down Route 20 toward Camp Road.

The sky before me darkened as though a tornado and thunderstorms were imminent. The suddenness and darkness were terrible and apocalyptic. I was too far along the road to turn back and beat the storm, so I kept walking, toward it, and found myself in town at a low ranch-style house wrapped around a corner. Lush vegetation everywhere made the whole area dark.

I knocked on the door—and my brother answered. I am not sure he recognized me as he showed me around, but at least I had shelter in this house, which was dark inside. During the conversation or my looking around, I discovered that my father's cousin lived nearby in a similar house.

I felt disoriented as my brother talked and the storm approached (or raged?), and none of what I saw or heard made sense.

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