Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dream: Cafeteria food, buses, and birds

It was a dark, cold, wet day, and I was in the school cafeteria. While I was eating, my cat (I am not sure which one, or if it was a different cat) was lying on my plate, also eating. I was a little surprised that no one commented, but it seemed natural.

I remembered that I was supposed to meet someone in the cafeteria at the other end of the building. I went there and told her I had to return to the first cafeteria for my food. I found myself on a bus and explained where I was going, but the driver, who had seemed to understand, started taking the others on the bus home. I panicked and pleaded with the driver, who ignored me. Everyone else helped me by calling or e-mailing the principal. He wasn't available, but his senior administrative assistant ordered the driver to return.

The weather must have improved. Outdoors on the grass, someone brought me an enormous slice of cake that fell apart when they tried to slide it onto a plate that was too small that was on the ground. A little flock of birds waited with anticipation, but it was a little yellow one that was entitled to share the cake with me. A huge dollop of icing remained on the ground.

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