Monday, April 30, 2007

Dream: Death threat, the supernatural way

I received a taunting death threat from someone who seemed almost supernatural because of the way the threat was delivered and the terror it inspired. I don't think I did anything about it other than to try to be alert.

It was the night before a wedding I was to attend, and I was staying in my parents' trailer. It was unfamiliar in every way, and when I looked into their bedroom I noticed that the bed seemed very small in the very large room—the opposite of what it should have been. It took up perhaps one-quarter of the room, whereas it should have been difficult to get around it. I felt confused and disoriented by everything I saw.

Naturally, I was restless and could not sleep with a supernatural death threat hanging over me. I heard someone come into my room, and I flew out of it in terror after briefly considering attacking. It proved to be a male colleague, who was to share my room.

I looked out the front windows or door, hoping to see the police watching out for me even though I had not notified them. I did not think they could do anything even if they were. I wondered if I should call them, but I'm not sure the phone was working.

Something, perhaps a noise, put me on the alert, and I found myself behind a plant in a room full of plants. The killer was going through the room systematically and gleefully killing all the plants with a spray. I held my breath, which I sensed was a futile act because the killer didn't have to hear me to know I was there. The plant-killing spree was for my benefit.

I waited, trying to decide what to do. Finally, I sent poisoned darts into the killer's head and chest, which had no effect and only confirmed my presence.

I heard two shots; they came from a .45 my brother was aiming. He had shot two women, one blonde, the other possibly brunette. I don't think that either of us was sure that the two women were the killers.

I think we had turned on a light by now. The two women did not seem quite alive or quite dead, and I sensed a malevolent presence waiting for me to let down my guard. It was in some way an anti-life force, and I never knew why it wanted to kill me specifically.

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