Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Dream: The "inter-dimensional shift"

Dad was driving a man named Don, another man (possibly his cousin J.), and me in a very large van south on Route 20. We were all spread out, and I was in the back on the right-hand side, trapped behind something. I noticed that Dad had gone missing and that no one was driving. I tried frantically to scramble to the front to get control of the vehicle, but I couldn't move and couldn't seem to make the others hear me or understand the danger.

The van crashed into a train and almost seemed to become part of it in a blended way, not as a whole, as though there had been some kind of "inter-dimensional shift" (this was the term that came into my sleeping mind). I panicked in my anguish and concern over the fate of Don, the cousin, and especially my dad, and only later realized that after the accident I was observing events from the outside, as though I had not been in the van, which was fading into the train cars. I'm not even sure I was still in my own body.

That will teach me to read The Mothman Prophecies, even for fun.

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