Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dream: Praying mantis

A creaking noise woke me, and at first I lay very still so that whoever was there would not know that I was awake and bother me. When I opened my eyes a little, I found a large family in my room, talking about how grateful they were for my letting them stay with me. One was sitting in a chair I don't have in a space I don't have. I tried to go back to sleep, but they were talking too loudly, although they had not wanted to wake me up. I was still afraid of a burglar.

At some point they were gone, and when I opened the door I could see out to what looked like a church altar, with everything made of wood. Awards for playing string instruments were being announced, and I was winning many of them. The instrument was shown as the award was announced, and the second violin [sic] looked as large as a cello.

I saw some reserved seats at two round tables that were rotating and thought about stopping the rotation and taking one. I think I was also asked to play but don't know what happened since I can't play any stringed instrument, let alone all of them.

Then I was outside on the ground, along with other high school kids. We were given gold badges with information with which we were to identify a classmate. Mine read, "Silly Worth" and identified the person as the daughter of the owner of "Worth Industries." I seemed to be the only one able to identify my person ("Billie Wirth"). I didn't know her father was an industrialist. As I was to be called upon, I lost the badge in the grass, which seemed to have ridges and to be dirty and slimy. I found myself face to face with a large praying mantis and told a friend, but she didn't care. I tried to touch it with my gloved hand, then went back to looking among the increasing number of furrows and changing topography of the grass for the badge.

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