Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dream: Back to college with modern Shakespeare

I found myself seated on a curved maple bench at a table, one of two benches and tables, watching a play, possibly Shakespeare, among a group of strangers on a campus. The experience, once I understood it, was interactive and wonderful, and some of the men around me seemed interested in me, although they didn't speak to me.

The cast of the play disappeared, and we went further into the building to find them. The male members were at a bar or restaurant counter, while the female members were lined up at a bathroom door.

It occurred to me that I was finally finishing my college degree, but then I forgot which classes I had already completed and which needed to be taken. Then I couldn't decide if I should start over and take all the classes, even the ones for which I had credit, as though doing so would change my grades or experience or path.

When I woke up, I wondered how many times I am going to dream about finishing a degree I received in 1983.

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