Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dream: Sherwood Forest open house

I was inside a dim building at what seemed to be an open house. I looked outside, and it was under renovation. It may have been in a deep forest, too. The hosts recognized me as one of them; they were the outlaws of Sherwood Forest, and this building, part of a university, was their headquarters while it was being refurbished. I was confused because I could not see how they could hide in such a place while having an open house at which dozens of families were milling about. I looked outside again, and the rubble of renovation had been replaced by landscaping.

I may not have known who I was, but everyone seemed to know and respect me. I heard some people discussing how they didn't like the design upstairs. I found a security badge of a different kind from the one I had and went upstairs; the "design" turned out to be alcoves of pieces of scientific equipment labeled with the scientist's name.

As I was coming back down the stairs, someone who didn't recognize me asked to see my badge. I remained puzzled by the exposed hideout and the idea of an open house, not to mention my involvement. I liked the idea, but I wondered what had happened to the forest life.

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