Thursday, September 21, 2006

Test Drive Unlimited

"I want it all . . . now." This darling quote is from a commercial for a video game. A sleazy-looking young man postures in front of endangered cat skins and brags about his "ladies" while fondling them and then going on to mention how he's "all hot"—all in a very odd, very girlish voice. Captions of "unlimited mansions," "unlimited cars," "unlimited money," etc., roll by. "I want it all . . . now. Right, Eugene?" he says to an equally sleazy-looking young man with a mindless babe hanging off him. Eugene answers in the affirmative in an equally weird, equally girlish voice.

And this game so charmingly advertised is deemed "appropriate" for "10 years old and up." Apparently, as long as there's no violence, greed and utter lack of scruples are okay for young children. Apparently it's worked for so many of our so-called leaders.

So if you've got a 10-year-old who's "all hot" to the ladies and who "wants it all now," legal or not, moral or not, ethical or not, and if you want to feed his worst impulses, then you'll want to get this game for him. But don't be surprised if, in five years, you get a late-night call about bail money.

Or in 20 years he wins his first election.

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