Monday, September 18, 2006

Dream: Vistas and vultures

17 September 2006

I was in a darkened room next to an accountant or actuary, discussing some numbers. I noticed a side window covered by a thick curtain with bright edges of light. I felt closed in, so I opened it. The window looked out onto an endless vista, with a few rows of colorful bushes filled with tightly packed flowers across from the window. I was shocked because there was supposed to be a home there. I couldn't believe the vista. Then I turned to find a second window in a perpendicular wall. It was like home, with the window in the extra room that faced the trailer across the driveway and the rear window that overlooked the back yard. The other person had joined me, and we saw fantastic, colorful birds that didn't seem real but did resemble real species. Then, at the rear of the yard, I spotted three very large, slightly cartoonish birds. "Raptors!" I exclaimed, or perhaps it was "Falcons!" or "Hawks!" When I looked again more carefully, I realized that the one in the middle was what would have been called a buzzard in a cartoon but it was really a vulture with a thick bill. This seemed important, but I hoped the accountant/actuary wouldn't notice. Perhaps it was a bad omen, perhaps I still wasn't sure, or perhaps I didn't want him to know that in my enthusiasm I had been mistaken.

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