Friday, July 28, 2006

Dream: Of eagles, dogs, and horses

7.9.06 (reposted after deletion)

I had an indoor office, maybe even in the city, but I could step outside into what seemed to be a woodland with a rustic bridge, where I spent all my time working. There were eagles with a nest nearby high on a pole or in a sparsely vegetated tree, but they paid no attention to me. I don't remember spending any time indoors.

One day I looked down, and there appeared to be a beach and an ocean. The eagles were competing with a dog and/or more dogs or cats for something on the beach. I did not want to chase off the other animals for fear of startling the eagles, who had always seemed oblivious to me.

A large, black, horse-drawn carriage came along. Someone—whether male or female, I don't know—spoke to me about my interfering with the dogs and/or cats. I I tried to explain about the eagles. The nest now had a long pole under it, parallel to the ground, and seemed off-balance. I touched the pole lightly to try to adjust it, but to my horror the whole thing teetered and threatened to topple to the ground. I could feel the remonstrance of the eagles I was trying to help.

I was inside the coach and noticed many levers. I pulled some of them. I think I heard bells, but it seemed the coach was so enormous that they did not reach the driver. One seemed to make the horse or horses gallop, and I saw, now as from above, the coach make a 90-degree turn at full speed, right where the beach or a cliff met the ocean. The horse or horses had disappeared (into the gulf?), and all that was left were the traces. I felt sick at heart, but somehow knew that it was not my doing if they were killed or gone.

The coach arrived at an estate.

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