Friday, May 12, 2006

Dream: Patterns on cave walls

I was in a cave or an underground room with someone, at least at first. He or she pointed out the patterns and shadows on the walls, which began to move mysteriously. They never appeared to be distinct or concrete, but they portrayed a people that surrounded itself in green—green walls, green clothing, etc. As the story unfolded, the reason was revealed; when I asked questions, this people told me that they consumed raw human flesh and blood, and the purpose of the green was to offset the brightness and visual shock of the blood and gore's red.

Then I was alone in a subterranean passage or room, possibly but not definitely connected to the cave. It seemed to be manmade. There were people with large noses wandering around, as though between meetings. They seemed to be unusual in some way, and were mute. Then I began to think they must be the human-eating species of the cave patterns, and they terrified me with their alien, yet humanoid appearance and the possibility they did eat human flesh. I saw that everything around them was green.

A thought came to me that one of them wished to kill me for vengeance, cause unknown, but i did not know which one. To me, they looked similar to one another, and I felt my own nose, realizing it was unusually large. I wondered if I were related to this people.

Suddenly, based on an unconscious premonition, I spun around just in time to catch in icicle spear thrown and aimed at my heart through my back. The assailant stood frozen before me, but I still felt danger all around. The real threat was still out there, armed with icicle spears that bore death. I say, "It's not me!"

I sensed that the killer or killers, and the others, were not interested in eating me. Yet the image of the cave walls, plus that of one of the creatures with blood dripping from its hands and mouth in silhouette, came again and filled me with speechless horror. I know now that each of them is looking to kill a particular person. I say again, "It's not me!"

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