Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Dream: Timespace

A dream in which time does and does not matter . . .

I went to my cousin's for lunch. While we were watching television, there was a commercial for a dentist. I was thinking that the wood paneling during one video clip shown as part of the commercial looked familiar. Then I realized it was a clip of my dad, my brother, and me in the trailer, on the sofa in the living room (it was similar to many photos that I have). The clip, which was dark, blurry, and old, made no sense in the commercial. I was trying to make a point to remember the name and location of the dentist, because I wanted to know how he obtained the clip and because I wanted him to stop using it without my permission, which I would never have given.

Suddenly, I became panicky that I had to get back to work; it was already late in the afternoon, and I had a sense that I was supposed to catch a 5:45 p.m. flight from Chicago to a client's. This was obviously an impossibility as I would need to fly back to Chicago. Then everyone seemed unconsciously to delay me, probably because I didn't really want to go. My cousin's daughter, who is usually standoffish, surprised me with a kiss on the mouth. Clearly I have been reading too much Colette.

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