Monday, November 21, 2005

Dream: The vampire and the oubliette

My sleeping brain turns my need to wake up and go to the bathroom into a nightmare.

I was in a house with a woman I thought to be my mother and children I thought to be my siblings. One of the boys, or one of his friends (strange I couldn't tell), was mocking his friend (or my brother, depending on who he was (strange I couldn't tell). I was eating something when it occurred to me I was being held captive by a vampire and that the food could be poisoned. If I stopped eating, I would be letting him know I was onto him (wherever he was); if I kept eating, I was ensuring my own death. I found a bathroom, which was all brushed stainless steel and had no mirrors. It was very high-ceilinged and long and at the end was a toilet, but it was in at ground level, not raised. There was no mirror over the sink, just brushed stainless steel. That horrified me, as did the toilet, which I was sure was really the entry to a bottomless pit, an oubliette, down which I would be flung (alive or dead?) at some point.

Then I found a normal bathroom, small, tiled, with mirror. He had read my mind and provided me with what I expected to throw me off . . .

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