Saturday, November 5, 2005

Dream: Movie set

I was on a movie set in a hilly area, like the Alleghenies. I wasn't being used and tried to leave. The path down was narrow and rocky, and suddenly a boulder appeared in front of me. I was trying to decide how to get around it when I realized there was one behind me now. I turned around to return, but then pushed a boulder down the hillside. For a long time afterward, I heard a lot of loud, booming noises and tried not to think about how I'd started a rock slide. I looked around and the area was now mountainous, making me think of the Grand Tetons.

On the movie set, a man was threatening a young blonde star for not doing something. Using a knife, he traced a cut down and across her face, probably in the shape of a cross. Meanwhile, the person who'd gotten me into this was saying something about this, was telling me that she'd wanted to leave, too, even though she was being used. I think that's what happened. To my shock and horror, the next time he actually did cut her face. Not deeply, but enough to leave a faint red mark.

I also learned that this movie was set in Florida. I looked around at the snow-topped mountain peaks and could not think of how any of it looked like Florida.

I continued to wait.

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