Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dream: Castles into silos

I had a dream about being in a computer class; at a critical moment I asked if learning something—Java, CSS, or something—was very much like coding or mathematics. The room went dead. The instructor was dumbfounded. Then I woke up because I heard Hodge trying to chew up a box.

The earlier dream was also more involved than I can remember, but I was at home, and something happened (trees or houses removed, perhaps), and suddenly we were surrounded mostly by forested hills. There must have been water, because I could see clearly things in the water. One of them was a curved, L-shaped island with red stairs leading up the peak of it to the top. Then I found myself floating over the sparkling water toward it, as though to realise a dream. It appeared to be a castle perched on top.

Then the sky changed to grey and rain or snow appeared, and I suddenly saw that the hilly, forested island with the castle was two grim, metal industrial silos.


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